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Syngenta Sets Sights on Improving Feed Value

Syngenta’s investment to improve the quality and value of soybean varieties and corn hybrids will have far-reaching benefits from seed to feed, and even to society at large. Its collaboration with the Illinois Soybean Association (ISA) and United Soybean Board (USB) to increase feed values will benefit livestock and row-crop producers.

Thanks to innovative leadership, Syngenta is the first multinational seed company that’s making long-term industry success a priority today. The benefits start with varietal selection. Varieties high in certain amino acids make soybean meal more effective in livestock feed.

Syngenta is partnering with the checkoff-funded High Yield PLUS Quality (HY+Q) program to showcase and advance the livestock nutritional value in the company’s portfolio of soybean varieties. A similar Syngenta effort is underway for corn hybrids, with the overall objective being to maximize value from seed-to-feed and fuel markets for both soybeans and corn.

This Syngenta focus will help farmers fight serious soybean market share and soybean revenue losses in critical livestock feed markets, particularly for swine and poultry. Soybean meal in swine feed rations has dropped 70 percent since 1990, having largely been replaced by synthetic amino acids and corn byproducts. More than 70 percent of soybeans produced in the U.S. are fed to livestock across the swine, dairy, beef and poultry sectors.

The Syngenta effort encompasses the company’s major seed brands, including NK, Golden Harvest and Enogen Feed Hybrids. Syngenta teams will identify and promote soybean varieties and corn hybrids within these seed brands that have the nutritional characteristics most sought after by livestock and ethanol producers. For livestock, nutritional value is determined by amino acid levels that drive animal growth, productivity and profitability.

Improving soybean feed value at the varietal level can help increase both domestic and international demand. ISA estimates that billions of dollars in global market value can be realized when farmers select varieties with the best feed value.

Here’s a list of selected soybean varieties that tested high in livestock feed value in FIRST trials:

Variety Composite Livestock Meal Value & Relative Value Score Summary
from 2013-2019 F.I.R.S.T. Data
(Minimum of 3 Samples per Variety)
Brand Variety Average Composite
Meal Value ($/ton)
Average Composite
Livestock Relative Value Score
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 4142X$382.417.8
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 1024X$374.356.9
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 1538X$372.856.8
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 4542X$383.186.8
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 0749X$367.796.7
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3728X$378.906.6
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2041X$374.216.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3195X$378.476.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 4741X$395.196.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3475X$379.036.2
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3934X$383.246.1
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2552X$370.496.1
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2808X$371.715.9
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2499X$374.595.8
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3980 L$381.675.7
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 4240 XS$379.275.5
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2537X$375.045.5
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 4240 XS$388.785.5
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2788X$373.825.5
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 2230X$372.395.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 00866$350.575.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 0308X$347.295.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 1486X$370.375.3
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3324X$374.955.2
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 0992X$365.515.1
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 4531 XS$385.195.1
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 3982X$378.945.1
GOLDEN HARVESTGH 1852X$373.155.0
Variety Composite Livestock Meal Value & Relative Value Score Summary
from 2013-2019 F.I.R.S.T. Data
(Minimum of 5 Samples per Variety)
Brand Variety Average Composite
Meal Value ($/ton)
Average Composite
Livestock Relative Value Score
NK BRANDS 41-T4 L$387.048.6
NK BRANDXD 28950$377.217.5
NK BRANDS 10-H7X$374.167.2
NK BRANDS 007-Y4$353.087.0
NK BRANDS 12-R3$373.056.9
NK BRANDS 39-G2X$383.646.8
NK BRANDS 20-J5X$375.316.8
NK BRANDS 18-H3X$373.276.5
NK BRANDS 07-Q4X$367.756.5
NK BRANDS 31-Y2X$377.746.4
NK BRANDS 14-A6$370.676.2
NK BRANDS 14-U9X$367.346.1
NK BRANDS 21-W8X$372.755.8
NK BRANDS 34-T2X$377.515.8
NK BRANDXD 23942$363.735.8
NK BRANDS 25-V8X$368.825.7
NK BRANDS 45-Z5 XS$386.555.7
NK BRANDS 27-M8X$372.995.6
NK BRANDS 09-R8X$367.545.4
NK BRANDS 008-N2$350.955.3
NK BRANDS 36-J9 L$382.665.1
NK BRANDS 46-W2X$383.715.1
NK BRANDS 25-B6X$371.755.1
NK BRANDS 14-B2X$368.045.1
NK BRANDS 18-G4X$370.535.0
NK BRANDS 02-F9X$349.885.0

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