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AgriGold® HY+Q Soybean Varieties

AgriGold brings bold research and results to market through a unique lineup of elite corn hybrids and select soybean varieties. AgriGold specializes in helping growers get more out of every decision by offering direct access to the best soybean genetics, industry-leading technology and unmatched local agronomic expertise.

Seed selection is more than just a yield decision. AgriGold is excited to be working alongside the HY+Q team to help educate growers on the global impact of planting top-value HY+Q soybeans.

To maintain and grow market share globally, it’s important to make investments in areas where U.S. soybean farmers have the greatest opportunity to differentiate their product and meet the needs of their end-users—livestock producers.

AgriGold has 11 soybean varieties in its current product portfolio that have the potential to produce higher-than-average yields and high-value livestock feed. If you are planting one of these varieties, you are already helping to increase the overall value of U.S. soybeans.

Variety Composite Livestock Meal Value and Relative Value Score Summary
from 2018 HY+Q Program
(Minimum of 5 Samples Per Variety)
Brand Variety Average Composite
Meal Value ($/ton)
Average Composite
Livestock Relative Value Score
AgriGold G4380RX* $355.61 8
AgriGold G1850RX $345.90 7.3
AgriGold G4190RX $350.45 7.1
AgriGold G3324RX $345.81 6.8
AgriGold G1710RX $342.74 6.7
AgriGold G1990RX $343.12 6.6
AgriGold G2405RX $343.09 6.5
AgriGold G3440RX* $344.46 6.4
AgriGold G3980RX* $345.83 6.4
AgriGold G3602RX* $345.67 6.3
AgriGold G3098RX* $342.86 6.1
AgriGold G3520RX $344.49 6.1
AgriGold G3722RX $344.18 6
AgriGold G3690RX* $342.86 5.8
AgriGold G3285RX $342.40 5.8
AgriGold G2105RX $338.53 5.6
AgriGold G2900RX $339.39 5.2

* The varieties with an asterisk were sold in 2019 but will not be sold for the 2020 growing season. Please consider replacing those varieties with another high-value variety on this list.

To learn more about AgriGold’s top-value soybean varieties and how product decisions can support future markets contact your local key account specialist or go to to schedule a meeting with an AgriGold representative in your area.

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