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Ensuring Every U.S. Farmer Wins

Seed selection isn't just a yield decision. It's also a product quality decision that drives demand for your soybeans. Livestock feed buyers shop the world for the best soybeans they can buy and synthetic amino acids compete against your market share. But there's an easy way to regain the market: Select high-yielding soybeans that have a high livestock feed value score.

The true value of soybeans is mostly invisible to soybean farmers because it hides inside bushels, but it's easy for customers to see. They have computer software that mixes feed based on ingredient quality to achieve the "Ideal Protein Concept." Better soybeans increase their animal performance and profit.

Some farmers and seed companies say farmers don't care about yield PLUS quality. Just yield. Sending samples for quality measurement – like you did – tells a different story: U.S. farmers care about yield and making sure U.S. soybean farmers get the sale. Asking one simple question helps U.S. farmers win:

Is the seed I'm buying a Top Value Soybean? *

*A Top Value Soybean is defined simply as: "Any variety that is capable of higher yield and quality than the local average."